BF 1943 vets will still get a bonus in Bad Company 2

EA DICE will indeed honor its tease to put a little bit of Battlefield 1943 in your Battlefield: Bad Company 2. In a conversation with DICE’s Patrich Bach, MTV Multiplayer discovered that DICE is set to honor “veterans” with the M1 Garand. The catch here is that you’ll have to register both Battlefield 1943 and Bad Company 2 at

As MTV notes, the Thompson and the M1911 pistol are separate unlocks via the Web site that you can get if you bother to register Bad Company 2. Word is that if you register six Battlefield titles, you’ll get a spear and a net — both handy for killing sabretooth tigers, and of course, your foes.

‘Bad Company 2’ Rewards ‘Battlefield 1943’ Owners With M1 Garand [MTV Multiplayer]

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