Beyond: Two Souls turns up on the Steam database

The iconic ‘guitar-playing’ boss fight

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Quantic Dreams’ psychic thriller Beyond: Two Souls has been listed on the Steam database, (as spotted by @Nibellion), suggesting that the 2013 QTE-fest is preparing to move out of its Epic Game Store exclusivity deal and be made available to purchase on Valve’s digital storefront.

Beyond: Two Souls, the third release in David Cage’s chin-stroking interactive adventure series, sees Ellen Page in the role of Jodie Holmes, a troubled young woman who can perform acts of psychic phenomena through her spirit guide, Aiden. Forced out of an ordinary life and into a series of hazardous, extraordinary situations, players guide Jodie as she attempts to carve a semblance of normality out for herself, while evading the shady forces who wish to harness her amazing powers.

Originally released on PS3, Beyond: Two Souls, along with its brethren Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, have since been re-released on PS4 and PC via Epic Games Store. The PC port of Beyond: Two Souls launched on EGS July 27, so assuming that the exclusivity deal was for one-year, Jodie’s adventure should, in theory, arrive on Steam soon after that. Incidentally, Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human launched on EGS June 24, so from a calendar standpoint these titles should arrive on the Steam platform first, if at all.

Beyond: Two Souls has been listed on Steam [VG247]

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