Better than sex: Rockman 10 animated Twitter icons

Having a sh*tty Valentine’s Day? Well don’t worry about it, because nothing, and I mean nothing could make your Hallmark Holiday better than these Rockman 10 Valentine-themed Twitter icons. They’re right here, and they’re hot.

God, I’m sweating from the heat right now, and trust me, the heat is sexual.

These icons are only available until February 26th, a scant three days before Mega Man 10 launches in the United States. There is literally no better way to get yourself ready for the game’s release than to first download these icons, then tweet about how sexually aroused you’ve become. I know that’s what I’ll be doing, though under an assumed name. There is a reason why my tweets never show up in the Dtoid Twitter sidebar.

If the rest of the staff knew about the bubbling sewer of sexual 8-bit pornography I’ve been tweeting and re-tweeting for the past two years, there is no way I’d still be working here.

Mega Man 10 – animated Twitter icons [Gonintendo]

Jonathan Holmes
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