Better late than never: Pure Pwnage is back

After a slight hold up due to the evils of Adobe Premiere (a pain I know all too well), the first episode of the new season of Pure Pwnage is online and ready for viewing. The internet premiere was scheduled for yesterday (there has already been a tour of cinemas in the U.S. and the show’s native Canada), but technical issues pushed it back to this morning. A small delay, granted, but a horribly frustrating one for those of us ravenously perched over our computers waiting at one o’ clock this morning. Still, all’s well now, and despite no announcement on the front page of the site, the new show is in the episodes listing and ready to go. 

For any of you who don’t know the show, and I really should be talking to absolutely no-one here, it’s a surreal mockumentary/sitcom/drama following the exploits and adventures of a cocky pro-gamer in his quest for gaming supremacy, and his tanglings with those who would seek to bring him down, both in-game and in the real world. It’s also the finest crafted and funniest gaming related show in existence and you should be watching it right now. 

I just have been and my day’s now 40% better. 

David Houghton