Bethesda will likely reveal a new Rage game next Monday


Well, it seems like this is really happening. On the heels of Walmart Canada accidentally outing a Rage sequel yesterday (along with a bunch of other games), the Rage Twitter account came back to life just to poke fun at the mega-retailer. It was a ridiculous goof that maybe slightly lent a little credence to the veracity of the leak. Bethesda’s antics today almost definitely confirm some soon-coming Rage news.

Betheda posted this to Twitter this afternoon:

It’s a picture of Big Ben set to 5:14. Assuming for our purposes that the time equates to a date, that gives us May 14 — next Monday. Further, the neon pink that highlights the clockface is the same color Bethesda used in yesterday’s Walmart spoof.

We’re left with a few questions. The big and obvious one — What does Bethesda have planned for this Rage? Is it a sequel? Also, is this pink actually an unexpected part of the aesthetic? Is the London reference a nod to the setting? The answers (probably) aren’t far away.

[Update: Bethesda also tweeted this one minute before our post went live — at 5:14pm Eastern time. Something’s up, and it’s not just that rocket.]

Brett Makedonski
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