Bethesda will begin the Fallout 76 beta rollout in October

‘We’ll start small and grow over time’

Folks who pre-order Fallout 76 at a participating retailer will get a crack at the beta. Bethesda revealed a bit more about its plans today, noting that the beta (make that “B.E.T.A.“) will begin in October.

“We’ll start small and grow over time as we prepare for launch,” the developer said today. The idea is to start with a manageable amount of players before introducing more strain on the servers. To be clear though, “everyone who pre-orders at a participating retailer will be included in the B.E.T.A.”

I’m keen to try Fallout 76 before launch on November 14, so here’s hoping. I think even a small glimpse of the game will tell me if it’s for me or not. Given that it’s Fallout and there’s a curiosity factor to the newfound multiplayer focus, even with the pre-order requirement, I could see this being a huge beta.

Jordan Devore
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