Bethesda takes Fallout 76 temporarily offline to fix the broken nukes

This is the fate Metal Gear Solid V players could never achieve

Nukes, a major part of the Fallout 76 end-game and the key thematic plot device for the whole Fallout franchise, are broken right now.

Bethesda announced yesterday that there are problems with nuclear silo access, leaving players unable to use nuclear codes. These codes are used to launch nukes which irradiate large areas, spawning high-level scorched beasts that hold some of the game’s most sought-after gear. Seemingly, the codes never reset, meaning everyone had codes that were incompatible with the silos. Truly, I hope this is a Y2K-like blunder brought on by the year changing.

As such, Fallout 76 is currently offline for some unforeseen maintenance. Bethesda hasn’t estimated how long the downtime will be — probably as long as it takes to fix the issue. When it’s back online, everyone should be able to again initiate their own personal nuclear apocalypse as intended.

Brett Makedonski
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