Bethesda says ‘thanks’ to Fallout 3 fans with LIVE theme

Bethesda is acknowledging Xbox 360 Fallout 3 fans this afternoon. Those with an IV drip bag with the word “Wastelands” printed on the side are receiving downloadable vouchers — via e-mail — from the developer as a way of thanks for purchasing all five pieces of the post-apocalyptic RPG’s DLC.

The voucher (pictured above) is good for one free download of a premium Fallout 3 theme. We’re still trying to figure out if the premium theme is fresh or a golden oldie, but it really doesn’t matter — we can’t imagine anyone wanting to download every shred of DLC for a premium theme. Then again, people are purchasing RC cars and masks for their Avatars. Talk about nutty.

[image, A big thanks goes to tipster ‘Modern Robot’!]

[Update: The theme I believe — is fresh, but was announced by Microsoft and Bethesda several days ago. Game Informer is reporting that the DLC will be purchasable with a price set at 240 Microsoft Banana Dollars.]


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