Bethesda recalls all its 2020 Fallout 76 accomplishments and improvements

It was quite a year

Fallout 76 has been through a lot. A rocky launch. A complete 180 on whether or not game-impacting items would be sold as DLC. Bugs. More rocky update launches.

But in 2020, it made a ton of strides to feel less like a wasteland: in the mechanical sense. It’s supposed to be a wasteland. Wastelanders added actual NPCs to the game, which made it feel ever so closer to an actual Fallout title. Then came the Steel Dawn update, which made the world feel even livelier.

Bethesda is reminiscing about this year too on their official blog, providing a “2020 in review” rundown of all they’ve accomplished. It’s a lot! From the early 2020 testing periods to further save the game from its late 2018 launch state, to the two aforementioned expansion launches, to the inclusion of the seasonal system.

So what’s next? As previously stated, quality of life updates in early 2021. But Bethesda also shared that there’s some seasonal events coming in February, and season four is slated for a March 2021 release. You can also find that tease in image form in the gallery below.

You can also check out the infographic below, which showcases a lot of useless marketing stats among a few cool tidbits. The “top five most popular quests/events” is particularly important, as the high ratings for those could inform future quest design for Fallout 76, or subsequent Fallout games.

Year Two in Review []

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