Bethesda, Ready At Dawn hiring for next-gen projects

A Ready At Dawn (God of War PSP titles) job listing asks, “Are you ready to work on an exciting new AAA IP for a Next-Generation home console game system?”

No, but I’m ready to play a AAA IP for a next-generation home console! They’re looking for developers to work on a third-person action/adventure for this unnamed game system. We’re with CVG on that, given Ready At Dawn’s history, they’re working on a title for the next PlayStation system. Of course, multiplatform would be nice.

Bethesda is also looking for a “future generation console programmer” to work on a new game for “future-generation consoles.” They say that experience with DirectX 11 is a plus, which might mean that they’re working on a game for the next Xbox system.

Sh*t’s going down, man!

Dale North