Bethesda officially acknowledges the Doom Guy and Isabelle pairing again

‘Happy New Horizons’

In case you missed it, one of 2020’s few solaces involved the pairing of the “Doom Guy/Slayer” with Animal Crossing‘s Isabelle.

Born out of a simple connection (the same release date for Doom Eternal and New Horizons), the fan community took it and ran, creating various bits of art involving the two (perhaps the most famous of which was this video). The crossover actually started in 2019 (when the dates were announced and the connection was made), but stayed strong throughout the launch of both games.

Far from a meme at this point the collaborations never really died, as folks searched 2020 for any sort of greater meaning and joy. Thankfully, at the end of the year, a brand didn’t kill it. Bethesda lightly acknowledged it in the best way possible without beating a dead horse: but tweeting a wholesome image of the duo holding hands in Nendoroid figure form.

The Doom Twitter account has been lightly poking at the situation for a while, but this is the most obvious tweet thus far.

Doom [Twitter]

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