Bethesda needs a little more time before it lets everyone test the big new Fallout 76 update

‘We still need some more time to make sure everything is fully implemented’

Just recently the Fallout 76 playerbase was collectively amped up to try out some upcoming new changes in the public test server (PTS), but Bethesda put a little damper on that with an update this week.

Here’s the full rundown: “We know that some in the community have been eagerly waiting to get hands-on playtesting time with our next Fallout 76 update in the Public Test Server, and we can’t wait for you to dive in, either. We still need some more time to make sure everything is fully implemented, but we’re getting much closer.”

Bethesda says that the goal is to open up the PTS again in “mid-March,” at which point we’ll be able to try out long-awaited features like Daily Ops upgrades, more CAMP slots, and extra SPECIAL loadouts. In short, it’s a ton of quality of life features that should make adventuring that much easier.

The reason for this delay is multifaceted, due to the nature of the world this last year, but the “icy curveball” in regards to the weather in Austin, Texas in February was brought up by name. Given that waiting for crucial updates for Fallout 76 is a community staple at this point, I think a little more time is something everyone can deal with.

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