Bethesda is planning another huge test for Fallout 76

It starts on Tuesday

Fallout 76, it’s growing older all the time, and in many ways, it’s getting younger in Bethesda’s mind.

While you think about that for a second, know that Fallout 76 is getting another PTS (public test server) build fairly soon. Aiming for a release next Tuesday (February 16), it’s going to keep trucking with the CAMP enhancements, including more testing on the slot system.

But it’s also going to be testing aim assist for controller players, crafting sliders (!), the SPECIAL loadout system (that lets you swap in perk loadouts quickly), and a new mode for Daily Ops, which Bethesda calls a “major expansion.” As a bonus for doing all this, you can unlock an extra CAMP pennant just by playing the PTS for “one hour a day on three different days.” Leave your game on! No one is going to call the police on you.

Remember, the PTS is open to everyone who owns the game on the Bethesda launcher, which automatically grants you access. In the meantime, another mole miner-presented treasure hunt weekend is happening, which will grant you enhanced loot drops. It runs from now through 12PM ET on February 15.


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