Bethesda gives us a deeper dive into Fallout 76’s underground player-created shelters

Still coming in the December update

After a lengthy testing period, Bethesda is nearly ready to unleash its shelter mechanic out into the live version of Fallout 76.

In case you missed it, the idea is that players will be able to build their own bunkers of sorts below ground: via three different, instanced sized areas. It’s basically an extension of the C.A.M.P. system, but hopefully less buggy as it involves a completely separate zone that isn’t bound by the laws of the open world;  and it was tested (whereas C.A.M.P.s launched with the buggy 1.0 edition of the game).

If you’re stoked for this particular feature, Bethesda just put out a full 13-minute video rundown that just focuses on shelters. The developers in the clip states that there have been plenty of “bug reports and instances of player feedback” from the testing ground, which should hopefully result in a better experience overall.

The video is fairly extensive, showcasing the entire process from the start of a build to the creation of several neat places. Bethesda is quick to point out that there are murder-maze concepts and “Donkey Kong-like” leveled shelters out in the wild. Again, it’s well worth a watch if you’re even remotely interested in shelters, as the devs provide a few tips and tricks that might help you out on day one.

When this update hits, it’ll be part of the “Steel Dawn” patch, which brings even more free story content into the fray. It’ll be a good month for Fallout 76 so long as they can keep the bugs at bay.

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