Bethesda dishes out more quality of life upgrades for Fallout 76’s upcoming Wastelanders expansion

The map is getting a huge overhaul

It looks like the (free) Fallout 76 Wastelanders expansion, which may as well be called part of the apology tour, is coming together. Bethesda is giving us insight into what the update will actually entail on a monthly basis, and this most recent blog post is one of the most informative yet. 

Wastelanders’ big thing is adding NPCs for sure, but it’ll also sport some much-needed UI and quest improvements. The map has been vastly improved, with more clear main quest markers, as well as more obvious symbols for activities like sidequests. Bethesda says they’re putting all of the quests on the map now too, so things should either look a lot more lively or just like a “go here do this” bloated open world Ubisoft game: your pick.

One neat thing: inactive quests still show up on your map, but are more muted in tone. That way they aren’t completely lost, but are also marked as unimportant of sorts. Neat! You can even toggle quests so that they are the only active one shown, to completely knock out all of the chaff and stay on target. You can get a look at some of the options being added to the game in the gallery below.

In other news, the Vault 94 raid is being sealed when Wastelanders hits as a result of quality control (par for the course), and those rewards will be re-purposed at a later date. The Wastelanders beta (on the PTS, or Private Test Server) is now underway, with only “a few hundred players” in attendance, all under NDA. For now, we wait.

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