Bethesda adds new free levels to classic versions of Doom

Another free add-on WAD

Although my first foray into first-person shooters was Catacomb 3-D, Doom and Duke Nukem‘s stages are forever burned in my brain.

That’s partly why I sought out crazy fanmade mods (WADs) by any means necessary, including picking up some crazy level collections at flea markets. I had to have more! Now, it’s a hell of a lot easier to snag some levels due to the proliferation of fan communities across the internet, but Bethesda is also steadily adding free stages to modern ports of classic Doom.

That includes the new arrival this week: James Paddock’s Deathless. As Bethesda points out, “Jimmy,” as they are known in Doom circles, is kind of a legend, providing Doom levels for over a decade. This WAD collection (also known as a “megawad”) includes “25 fast, punchy levels,” and you can download them now for free. Just head to the add-on portion of the main menu on any platform, Switch included.

The full maplist is here, as well as screens of Jimmy’s level design philosophy. It plays just like a classic Doom mod should, so it checks out for me!

New Add-On Available: Deathless! [Slayer’s Club]

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