A Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Miqo'te in the Gold Saucer, she is also wearing glamour available as MGP rewards

The best way to farm MGP in Final Fantasy XIV

That'll be 1 million Manderville Gold Saucer Points, please.

The Gold Saucer isn’t exclusive to only Cloud Strife’s universe, as Final Fantasy XIV hosts its very own gaudy gambling joint within Thanalan. The in-universe casino is home to plenty of painstaking MMO grinds and some of them gate beloved mounts, minions, and titles. The Gold Saucer’s currency, MGP, stands between you and those prizes.

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Ultimately, it doesn’t have to be the most miserable, grindy experience, and you can make the best use of your time with a few of my favorite FFXIV MGP farming tips. My guiding advice here: prioritize any MGP event, seek every MGP Platinum Card you can, and do Challenge Log weeklies. Additionally, prioritize limited-time rewards like those from the FF16 crossover event, or the FF15 Regalia.

What is the best way to earn MGP in FFXIV?

To earn MGP in FFXIV, you’ve got quite a few options that all depend on how hard you want to farm The Gold Saucer activities. I’ve got a couple of recommendations, so I’ll break them down by priority and own rush to hoard those fancy rewards.

For an easy, leisurely MGP farm…

  • (3) Enter the Daily Mini Cactpot
  • Complete (most) of your Challenge Log
  • Finish the weekly Fashion Report challenge

It’s a pretty chill, easy daily grind to use all three Daily Mini Cactpot tries, and if you hit it big, that’s 10,000 MGP. Additionally, complete weekly Challenge Log tasks, including: complete three mini-games, earn 100 MGP from mini-games, participate in five gates, successfully complete three gates, and win 10 Triple Triad matches. That’s 26,000 MGP, plus more from any extra goals you hit.

For a faster, grindier way to earn even more MGP…

  • Pick up your Wondrous Tails and complete one line
  • Grind Triple Triad or minigames as a last resort
  • Exchange extra Triple Triad cards for MGP
  • Enter the weekly Cactpot (maybe you’ll get lucky)

To really start farming for MGP in FFXIV, I’d suggest completing more Challenge Log weeklies like Chocobo Racing and Lord of Verminion tasks. Then move on to Wondrous Tails, if you can manage just one line then that’s an MGP Gold Card worth 30,000 MGP, while more lines yield an MGP Platinum Card for 50,000 each.

For MGP grinding outside of event windows, you can hang out in the Gold Saucer catching gates, playing Triple Triad, and turn any extra cards in at the counter exchange NPC. With so many seasonal events in the rotation, I rarely resort to this and just stock up on MGP Platinum cards through Moogle Tomestones.

MGP Buffs and seasonal events

Look, every little bit counts, so you’ll never catch me in the Gold Saucer without Final Fantasy XIV‘s Jackpot buff. While participating in activities like Triple Triad, minigames, GATEs, Cactpot, and even the Fashion Report, Jackpot gives you an MGP bonus ranging anywhere from an extra five to 15 percent depending on the Free Company Action Rank.

There’s also Gold Saucer VIP Cards if your Free Company isn’t using the 24-hour Jackpot action. It doesn’t stack with Jackpot bonuses, but it’s a +15% MGP buff on the same activities for two hours. I constantly send my Squadron out to retrieve these, saving a stash of the MGP boosting cards for FFXIV patches with new Gold Saucer rewards.

Watch for FFXIV’s Gold Saucer events

  • The Moogle Tomestone event MGP rewards
    • Offers MGP Platinum Card
  • Make it Rain seasonal event rewards
    • Increases MGP received from Gold Saucer activities

Make it Rain mostly speaks for itself, but if you’ve got the time, I strongly suggest farming the Moogle Treasure Trove so you can exchange the event currency for MGP vouchers. In almost every scenario, the FFXIV Moogle Tomestone event is the best way to earn MGP. If you hit it hard, you won’t need to farm MGP for a long time, probably not until the next event rolls around. Refer to our handy FFXIV seasonal event calendar if you’re trying to plan.

What is an MGP Platinum Card in FFXIV?

In FFXIV, you can redeem one MGP Platinum Card for 50,000 MGP. There’s no limit on how many of these vouchers you redeem, and there’s also no limit on how many the event Moogle will let you buy when they’re a reward. I’ve used those windows to farm millions of MGP, using it as an opportunity to quickly score some prizes I eyed for ages, especially since I don’t reliably complete my weekly challenges.

To redeem an MGP voucher, simply right click the item and your Warrior of Light will receive their currency after a short cast. There’s no special vendor to exchange the voucher with.

What is the easiest Gold Saucer minigame?

Cuff-a-Cur only costs one MGP per play, and I typically get ~15 to 25 MGP every round, but it’s painfully boring. However, Cuff-a-Cur is probably both the easiest and fastest minigame to play for MGP in the Gold Saucer. All you’ve got to do is click once per round and it’s over, aiming to land the player’s bar right over the middle sweet spot.

Alternatively, you can always go for my favorites, The Finer Miner and Out on a Limb. They usually take me a bit longer than a round of Cuff-a-Cur, but the upside is you’ll earn more MGP per round. There’s also The Moogle’s Paw, which is just as irritating as any other real-life claw machine, and Monster Toss, a basketball-style timed minigame.

What should you spend MGP on?

If the FFXV and FFXIV event, A Nocturne for Heroes, is in progress, you should spend your MGP on getting the Regalia Type-G mount. That’s an easy, no-questions-asked answer since collab isn’t a regularly scheduled seasonal event.

There’s also FF16 crossover options while FFXIV hosts its The Path Infernal event, like the Clive Triple Triad Card for 200,000 MGP. There’s also plenty of Orchestrion Rolls to collect for 20,000 MGP each, including major Soken bangers like Away (Refrain), Find the Flame, and more.

However, if there’s no active FFXV event, or if you’ve already got the Regalia, there are a lot of other goodies to spend MGP on in FFXIV. And while I can’t dictate exactly what you absolutely must use those points on, I can at least insist you save up for those fancier, exclusive mounts unavailable on the Market Board, like NieR Automata’s Pod 602 or the Blackjack, a four-seater airship.

Can you buy MGP in FFXIV with Gil?

No, you can’t buy using MGP with Gil, sorry. While there are in-game vouchers that reward large sums of the Gold Saucer currency, there is no way to turn your Market Board earnings into actual points to spend in FFXIV‘s minigame headquarters.

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