Best way to farm arrows in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Link staring at his glowing hand in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Keep Link’s Quiver Full

Arrows are one of the useful items when it comes to a good offense. They allow Link to attack from a distance, and their power can be greatly enhanced by fusing various items. Smart players will ensure that they always have a good supply of arrows because it’s hard to predict what enemies and obstacles will appear.

This guide will show you the best ways to farm arrows in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Method 1: Cough Up the Cash

For players with lots of Rupees, it is possible to buy arrows. The shops in various towns usually have some arrows on sale, though Link can only buy limited amounts of them before the store runs out of stock. This can be worked around if players are purchasing from Beedle in the stables. After purchasing arrows from Beedle, simply take a nap at the stable inn. When Link wakes up, Beedle’s stock should be refreshed. Arrows can also be purchased from Yiga HQ, and this appears to be the cheapest place to get them.

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Method 2: Use Amiibos

This method is a slight variation on Method 1, as it involves coughing up cash in real life. All Amiibo figurines that worked with Breath of the Wild will work with Tears of the Kingdom. Each Amiibo can be scanned once a day, and doing so yields rewards. For example, the Link Super Smash Bros. Amiibo has the chance of spawning Epona, Link’s classic green tunic and cap, as well as plenty of consumables such as fruit.

Treasure chests are also part of the loot drop, and they sometimes contain arrows. This is a slow method limited by the once-per-day rule, though it can be worthwhile if The Legend of Zelda players have a large enough collection of Amiibos to scan daily.

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Method 3: Boxes, Barrels, and Crates

Through exploration, several boxes and crates will be found in Hyrule. They are usually located around enemy camps, though they can also be found near stables and in wells and caves. They often contain a couple of arrows, so it’s a good idea to smash them whenever they’re encountered. This can be done with a hammer weapon, or by activating Yonubo’s ability.

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Method 4: Looting Enemies

Link isn’t the only one in Hyrule who is good with a bow. Enemies, especially the Bokoblin, also make use of bows and arrows. Typically, the archer Bokoblin will perch on platforms that give them a good view of incoming foes. The mischievous monsters also ride horses and aim their weapons at Link if they cross his path.

Infiltrating enemy camps, taking out the archer Bokoblin, and stealing their ammo is a reliable way to farm arrows and acquire valuable monster parts. Some enemies that travel in isolation also drop arrow loot when they are defeated, including the terrifying Lynels.

Arrows are nothing without a good bow. Those looking to be the ultimate archer should consider grabbing a Royal Bow or a Steel Lizal Bow. Fusing the right items to the arrows, including Bomb Flowers or Ice Fruit, will ensure Link is unstoppable.

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