Best starting traits when creating a character in Starfield

Make sure you’re picking the best starting traits for your playstyle.

Best starting traits when creating a character in Starfield

Similar to your starting background, your starting traits in Starfield can help shape your entire experience. Fortunately, most of the starting traits are just added flavor or simply preference. None are required to beat Starfield. As such, you can actually choose to take no traits. Otherwise, you can select between 1-3 of them. Some traits will lock out the ability to choose others. For example, you can only have one religion or faction-based trait. Here are the best starting traits when creating a character in Starfield.

Fun starting traits when creating a character in Starfield
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Most fun starting traits

While some of the starting traits when creating a character in Starfield have practical use in gameplay, some are just fun. The trait Dream Home gives you your own luxurious customizable house on a peaceful planet. You can visit the house right after acquiring your ship, and furnish it to your liking. Honestly, it’s a pretty beautiful home. The house comes with a 125,000 credit mortgage that you will have to pay off to GalBank. The minimum payments are just 500 credits per week which is incredibly easy to cover. Even the total 125,000 credit cost isn’t too bad when some of the best ships cost hundreds of thousands.

Kid Stuff is another fun starting trait. With this trait, your parents are alive and well, and you can visit them at their home in New Atlantis. You can visit them at any time and some of the dialogue with them can be quite comical. Furthermore, you will also encounter them at several points throughout your adventure. They will sometimes even give you gifts. One time my dad gave me an entire ship! Your parents are in a tough spot financially though, so 2% of your credits are automatically sent to them every week.

Extrovert vs Introvert starting trait in Starfield
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Extrovert vs. Introvert — Which starting trait is better?

Basically, this decision comes down to your playstyle. If you plan to travel with your companions a lot, you will want the Extrovert trait as you will consume less oxygen when companions are following you. This can be super helpful especially early-game before you grab the skills that decrease oxygen consumption. On the flip side, you will use more oxygen when you don’t have a companion with you.

If you go Introvert, the opposite happens. You will use less oxygen when alone, but more oxygen when a companion is with you. Some missions will require a companion to tag along, so the argument can be made that Extrovert is better. However, the AI isn’t always the best, so I can certainly understand wanting to leave companions behind when given the option.

Also, the trait Empath can be kind of associated with Extrover. When you perform actions that your companion approves of, you temporarily increase combat effectiveness. But, performing actions they disapprove of will decrease combat effectiveness. Definitely don’t grab Empath if you plan to do some pirating.

Best faction and religion traits in Starfield

As far as factions go, you can choose Freestar Collective Settler, Neon Street Rat, or United Colonies Native. You can only choose one of these, so you want to choose whichever faction you think you will be siding with the most. I personally found myself mostly doing missions for the UC Vanguard, so the United Colonies Native trait was best for me. If you plan to join the Freestar Rangers or venture into the Freestar Collective space a lot, you may want to choose that one instead.

You can also choose either Raised Enlightened, Raised Universal, or Serpent’s Embrace. The first two each grant you a special chest of items at the respective church on New Atlantis. The items obtained aren’t that great, so really this is just flavor for your character. Serpent’s Embrace has a unique perk, though. Grav jumping provides you with a +25 boost to Health and Oxygen. However, if you go four hours without Grav jumping, you will lose Health and Oxygen. Honestly, you Grav jump a lot in Starfield, so this is mostly just a positive effect.

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