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Top 10 best Sims 4 Stuff Packs, ranked

Things are forever.

If you ask any Simmer how many hours they’ve spent in The Sims 4, they’ll likely give you an answer that goes beyond hundreds of hours. I’ve put in more than enough time myself — a slightly embarrassing amount, I might add, and it’s mostly because I’ve gotten lost in Build Mode’s ever-growing content library. 

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We’ve seen The Sims 4’s customization expand with every passing add-on, from the new EP worlds to the smaller-scale Kits. Yet, out of all of them, the one that remains the most beloved in the series is the Stuff Packs. Many items stemming from the packs have become a necessity for players, causing many to wonder, “Wait, why wasn’t this here in the first place?”

Now, it’s not all fun and games since a few Stuff Packs aren’t worth the buy. Some either lean too heavily into a niche or don’t bring much to the table at all. However, regardless of the bad eggs, there are several golden add-ons out there that almost every Simmer has (or should have) in their catalog. So, let’s go ahead and break down our rankings for the best Sims 4 Stuff Packs. 

Laundry Day Sims 4 Stuff Pack
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10. Laundry Day

When it comes to laundry in real life, you won’t see me jumping at the chance to do it. In fact, there’s a huge pile of clean clothes on my chair, and I can’t say this is the first time this has happened. But if we’re talking laundry in a virtual sense, then my interest is certainly piqued. The Sims 4 has always been about upping its realism, and the Laundry Day Stuff Pack is definitely a no-brainer for that. 

It may seem mundane for a pack to have something as simple as a Sim doing laundry. Nevertheless, it’s the little things that work best for the series. A house wouldn’t be complete without a washer and dryer or a wash tub and clothesline for those who enjoy a rustic lifestyle. A few more Build Mode and Create-a-Sim items are the cherry on top of the collection, presenting a more country-inspired world.

Spooky Sims 4 Stuff Pack
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9. Spooky

Some of my fondest gaming memories derive from Halloween themes, such as Kingdom Hearts’ Nightmare Before Christmas world and the prank night in Rockstar’s Bully. The same can be said for The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Pack, where every night can be Halloween. Sims can go out on the town in iconic costumes, including a witch, ninja, and skeleton suit. Or, they can simply stay put at their home to give candy to the adorable trick-or-treaters.

The Halloween house party is pretty fun to celebrate, making you feel like you’re at a lively function in the film Hocus Pocus. The pumpkin carving activities are another bonus in the add-on for the extra flair of spookiness. Though, I will admit, you’ll likely only use the Spooky Stuff Pack one month out of the year. But hey, at least it’ll eventually be put to good use rather than casting it away like some Stuff Packs.

Moschino Sims 4 Stuff Pack
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8. Moschino

Although objects are the primary focus of Sims 4 Stuff Packs, gameplay elements can prove just as important. Moschino is an excellent example of this, as it introduces a unique side to photography. Typically, expansion and game packs implement new career pathways, but Moschino changes it up with the freelance fashion photography occupation. Any pack that introduces a new job is good, in my book, mainly because it provides more challenges and alternative ways to make money. 

The pack’s decorative Build Mode items help set the scene for photoshoots, using backdrops, lighting, and fashionable clothing for Sims. I’m not an expert photographer by any means, but Moschino makes me feel like I know a thing or two about it. Plus, the camera offers an unrestricted range of angles, as opposed to the limited base game features. It lends a hand in getting the perfect shot for both freelancing and personal use, which can all be commemorated with photo frames around the house. 

Vintage Glamour Sims 4 Stuff Pack
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7. Vintage Glamour

As much as I would love to do the Rags to Riches challenge, I can’t help but want a life of luxury without the difficulties of working my way up. I want money, and I need it now, and that’s what Vintage Glamour does for me. I love the styles reminiscent of classic Hollywood, with elegant gowns and dapper business attire. Then, there are the shiny new gems from the jewelry collection that let everyone know you come from a lot of Simoleons.

One of my favorite things about the pack has to be, hands down the globe mini bar. Sims 4 bars can be a tad too large to place, so a more compact one is a better way to go. Oh, and did I mention that Vintage Glamour comes with a butler? Yeah, that’s right. It’s an NPC that will do anything for you, from cleaning up to caring for the kiddos. Butlers certainly surpass the clean-only maids in The Sims 4, considering they will always be at your beck and call at the house. It all adds up, of course, money-wise, but that’s what the Motherlode cheat is for. 

Romantic Garden Sims 4 Stuff Pack
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6. Romantic Garden

Even if romance isn’t your cup of tea, the Romantic Garden is a landscaper’s paradise. The pack’s vibrant flowers and beautifully designed structures turn a dull backyard into a Victorian-inspired field of dreams. To put it plainly, the Romantic Garden makes everything look pretty, and sometimes, I find myself staying more outdoors because of it, just to see all of its wonders.

Two key features that steal the show are the water-based Build Mode items. The water fountain can be used as a centerpiece for the garden, where Sims gather around for chats or to have a splash inside. Then, the wishing well utilizes The Sims 4’s traditional buffs, similar to cheats. Sometimes, a Sim’s wishes come true when they find their special someone; other times, it ends up in turmoil. Not only is it fun to see how your luck turns out, but features like this can be great for the franchise’s immersive storytelling. I wouldn’t mind running my playthrough solely on what happens at the wishing well, and that could make for a nice Sims 4 challenge.

Kids Room Sims 4 Stuff Pack
Image via Maxis Studios

5. Kids Room

Sometimes, I feel like the children got the short end of the stick in The Sims 4, as more updates focused on the early or in-between life stages. Luckily, Kids Room drastically changes this period in a Sim’s life by giving them a lot more personality. One feature I absolutely adore is their obsession with young heartthrobs, using shirts and posters to express their love for their latest craze. I remember the days when I wore a High School Musical shirt with Troy Bolton’s face on it, and it’s nice to see that transcend into The Sims 4 world.

Above all, the Kids Room Stuff Pack is meant to increase the fun factor for the Child life stage. Everything from the add-on, with its monster-dueling cards, puppet theaters, and toy expansions, sums up my childhood. And I’m sure other Simmers will likely feel the same, especially with its many other CAS and Build Mode features. This element, once again, adds to the game’s realism factor with a touch of reliability.

Movie Hangout Sims 4 Stuff Pack
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4. Movie Hangout

Movie Hangout was the first Stuff Pack I bought from The Sims 4, and it did not disappoint. Maybe I’m a little biased as a film lover, but I can’t help it; it’s one of the things I can’t live without in the game. The enormous projector screen is the biggest seller; with it, any room could transform into a movie theater. I find myself constantly using it as a replacement for standard TVs, and now I can’t go back. 

Stay-at-home movie nights are incredibly inviting as the Sims bond together and get their grub on with popcorn. There are also a few subtle movie references mixed in there, with a unique Simified twist. I enjoy seeing my Sims chat amongst themselves to discuss the film, which my peers and I have done on countless occasions. Besides the heartfelt movie moments, the cozy CAS items and the colorful furniture collection are a must-have. 

Paranormal Sims 4 Stuff Pack
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3. Paranormal

The classic PS2 Sims Bustin’ Out is my favorite game in the series, thanks to its heavy, objective-filled content. The Goth Manor was a personal favorite, where players conduct seances and exorcise ghosts, a feature I’ve been missing in The Sims 4. That is until the Paranormal Stuff Pack arrived for a more horrific experience. Although you would probably think this is another version of Spooky, the packs are not at all the same.

Paranormal presents an all-new Lot type, Haunted Houses, a fairly self-explanatory concept. Even if a house is filled with the dead, your home will be livelier than ever as ghosts run amok. Another career pathway was included, too, using the Paranormal Investigator license. That said, Paranormal seems more like an expansion than a Stuff Pack. It’s a mixture of objects, gameplay, and fashionable cosmetics. And, it doesn’t hurt that the pack (amongst the others) is relatively low-priced.

Nifty Knitting Sims 4 Stuff Pack
Image via Maxis Studios

2. Nifty Knitting

If you don’t have Nifty Knitting in your catalog, you may want to run to the store to get it. The Stuff Pack is the epitome of creativity, allowing Simmers to customize almost any kind of clothing they desire. Want a fluffy beanie? Nifty Knitting can do that. Looking to dress up in an all-yarn outfit? The SP can do that, too. It doesn’t even stop at clothing, considering it also permits Build Mode creations, such as rugs, plant holders, and toys.

To top it off, each carefully crafted item can be sold for profit, and you can make a career out of it at the Plopsy store. Stay-at-home jobs like this have become a tradition for me now since most careers send the Sim away for several hours. Nifty Knitting gets rid of that by earning money right from home and making a ton of your own clothing in the process. What’s more, its sentimental value can be heartwarming to experience with the Sim’s Reminisce interaction. I love anything Elder-related in The Sims 4 because they often get neglected. Giving them an opportunity to reminisce about their life can be great for those long playthroughs, and you can probably do some reflecting yourself.

Tiny Living Sims 4 Stuff Pack
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1. Tiny Living

Tiny Living is quite possibly the crème de la crème of Sims 4 Stuff Packs. I can’t create a single home or dream destination without a Build Mode object from this pack, every item is compact and pleasing to the eye. The SP’s modernistic style revamps the classic catalog, along with the abundance of stylish CAS cosmetics. Compared to others, Tiny Living seems to have one of the most items, which is a great bang for your buck. Many pieces of furniture also feature dual purposes, whether it be the Murphy Bed Combo or a loveseat with a storage compartment. 

Similar to Paranormal, the Stuff Pack features another Lot type, Tiny Home Residentials, starting from the smallest Micro Home to the slightly larger Small Home. I would say this Lot is one of the best out there due to the buffs it comes with. For instance, Tiny Home increases a Sim’s skill rate and makes everything around them much more comfortable. No longer will your family take up too much time learning skills, nor will they ever complain about those wonky mattresses. For the most part, Tiny Living covers just about anything: Build Mode, CAS, gameplay, buffs, and many more. 

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