Best of the Network this week

It was 1997 when Toonami first debuted on Cartoon Network. For many, it was the first time being exposed to Anime and to a more grown up style of story telling through animation. Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Outlaw Star, Voltron, and Robotech were just some of the many shows that I came to know and love and I would always find myself watching the entire block Toonami offered, even if they were mostly repeats (looking at you, DBZ). Hearing about the death of Toonami this past week was a real heart breaker and I was surprised by how much the news really affected me. Head on over to Japanator to see some of the old show promos and reminisce about the good old days.   

On Destructoid, Jack Thompson finally gets disbarred. On Japanator, check out all of the New York Anime Festival 08 coverage. On Tomopop, the Iron Man Mark I figure looks amazing. And on MiamiNights, gay bars are more fun than straight bars. 





Hamza Aziz