Best of the Network this week

The only thing better than RetroForceGO! is an all out musical episode of RetroForceGO!. My favorite Disney movie of all time is Aladdin and “A Whole New World” is my favorite Disney song so getting to hear my favorite people in the whole world sing that song was an orgasmic experience. 

On Destructoid, Conrad Zimmerman helps prepare you for the zombie apocalypse. On Japanator, the Gurren Lagann music video sucks (the song is awesome though). On Tomopop, eKoala’s custom Mega Man Mighty Mugg is made of win. And on MiamiNights, some dude gets ran over by a train. 

Also, special note: Both Japanator and Tomopop have contests running right now where you can win $100 from J-List. All you have to do is leave a comment saying which J-List item you want. It’s that easy!





Hamza Aziz