Best of the Network this week

A-Kon 2008 looks like a blast. I am jealous of Dale and the Jtor crew for attending what looks to have been a wonderful time. Some fantastic cosplays are coming out of the event too like this Pyramid Head and Nurse costumes. The sexy female versions of Naruto are pretty awesome too.

On Destructoid, we have an exclusive behind the scenes video on Dead Space that shows how much depth is going into the audio and sound of the game. On Japantor, check out all the coverage from A-Kon. On Tomopop, check out the cool Fallout 3 figure. On Poprox, the secret plans for Pop Rox is revealed. On MiamiNights, check out the latest photo gallery of drunk chicks showing some skin. And on Ectoplasmosis, feet burgers. 







Hamza Aziz