Best of the Network this week

I am continually amazed by just how much awesome the ’80s were. Just when I thought the ’80s couldn’t get any better, Ectomo finds this trailer for Surf Nazis Must Die. Basically, the premise is that Nazis have taken over the California beaches. All is lost until Leroy’s momma takes things into her own hands and goes after the Surf Nazis. 

On Destructoid, Dr. Boa reveals his secret intentions. On Japanator, check out the solar drinking astroturf bra. On Tomopop, Capcom asks what SF IV figures you want. On PopRox, check out the biggest burger war. On MiamiNights, CarStar* gives hot chicks a guide at how to get things for free. And on Ectomo, the Midnight LOL Society is always made of awesome. What was the most interesting to you this past week? 







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