Best of the Network this week

Japanator held a contest this past month asking for custom Mothra pieces. The winner was Goshujin Sama, and his piece is just simply amazing. I don’t think any of the Jtor crew was expecting something as epic as what Goshujin came up with.  

On Destructoid, we explain to you why there is no such thing as the perfect game. On Japanator, a live-action Ghost in the Shell movie is in the works. On Tomopop, Topher is rocking it out and bringing in a ton of exclusive coverage from the New York Comic Con. On PopRox, Playboy is looking for Olive Garden employees to pose in Playboy. On MiamiNights, DAMN SON! And on Ectomo, take a look at the greatest moustache ever. What were your highlights of the week? 







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