Best mining specialization in WoW Dragonflight

Go for Mining Process

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For some, professions/crafting can be a monstrous beast in MMOs. You already have your typical progress systems to worry about: then you add an optional track on top of that? It can get exhausting. But in WoW Dragonflight, quite a bit has been streamlined and enhanced. Here’s the best path forward for miners in WoW as of the Dragonflight expansion.

To unlock specializations, you need to reach skill 25 in the Dragon Isles

Before you can even start using all of these extra advantages, you’ll need to level up a bit to even unlock them. Press the “P” key to open up the spell book. Open the professions menu (bottom tab), then click on the “journal” associated with either of your professions. That will bring you to the “Dragon Isles” pop-up menu: select “specializations” at the bottom of said menu to dig even further into the professions mechanic.

To raise your skill level, you’ll need to mine ore around the Dragon Isles, in the new zone. If you’re not using add-ons, make sure you enable mineral tracking on the minimap (click the binoculars icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, near the game time/calendar).

Start with Mining Process, and max out your skill points

Once you’re actually able to put points into mining, you have a choice. Here are the three main trees for mining:

  • Mining Process (easier gathering)
  • Metallurgy (better refinement)
  • Mastering the Elements (elemental bonuses)

As you may imagine, Mining Process is a no-brainer to pump your points into as soon as you’re able to unlock it. The more you put in the more you’ll get out, especially as you start leveling up your profession in earnest. The big bonus with Mining Process is mining while mounted: which is a huge boon and can lead to gigantic yields when roaming around the Dragon Isles with an upgraded dragon mount.

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