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Best Fortnite Only Up! map codes

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Only Up! has cemented itself as a live streaming sensation in 2023. Plenty of streamers have taken to the title to try their hand at the Getting Over It inspired 3D Platformer. However, its PC exclusivity and modest price tag may exclude players who want to get in on the trend themselves.

Luckily, Fortnite‘s creative mode allows players to construct their own platforming gauntlets, including ones inspired by Only Up!. With plenty to try, here are some of the best Only Up! map codes for Fortnite.

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Onlyup Fortnite

Creator: army

Island Code: 4366-9611-6988

Onlyup Fortnite is the most popular Only Up! themed map on the platform. Taking nostalgic locations from Fortnite‘s first season, players will start at Dusty Depot and work their way up the platforming gauntlet. Each section of the towering obstacle course is themed after a different season from Fortnite‘s early years. However, one slip-up, and players will tumble all the way to the bottom.

Without checkpoints, falling feels emotionally crushing. But if you persevere, you can make it to the top in no time.

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Onlyup Time Travel

Creator: typicalgamer

Island Code: 5264-1761-9807

Onlyup Time Travel isn’t based on any previous Fortnite theme. Instead, it’s based on time travel, with each section of the gauntlet showcasing a different era in time. Players will start in the Prehistoric age, climbing on dinosaur bones and a flaming meteor. From there, they’ll navigate and hop across icy platforms from the ice age. The gauntlet continues onward to medieval times, and then to the future.

This gauntlet comes with checkpoints. However, you’ll need to spend some time on the island to unlock them, as they cost in-game coins. Coins can be earned through your time on the island, at a rate of one coin every minute. For example, the first checkpoint will cost ten. Choosing to activate a checkpoint is a gamble, as you’ll need to consider whether you should risk trying to crossing a section in one shot or spend your coins to play it safe.

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Only Up Checkpoints

Creator: notluc

Island Code: 2687-7558-1240

Only Up Checkpoints offers another Fortnite themed platforming gauntlet. Fortunately, this one comes with free checkpoints after every section. Falling to the ground doesn’t hurt as bad, since you’ll respawn at the beginning of the last checkpoint you reached. This doesn’t stop it from being one of the trickier islands of the bunch.

Players will need to jump on small props with pinpoint precision and time their mantles properly, as some platforms can only be reached through a careful mantle. Tires and other Jump Pads come into the mix, raising the stakes as your air control is put to the test.

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OnlyUp Chapter 2!

Creator: BoopNL

Island Code: 9056-7343-5884

While the previous Fortnite-themed Gauntlets pull from either the first season or all of Fortnite, this Only Up! island is based on Fortnite‘s second chapter. Players will start on an island surrounded by water, and work their way up through sections based on each season of Chapter 2. However, this island is unforgiving, and players will have their platforming skills put to the test.

The island’s starting position allows players to try out each section of the map by placing teleporters on a platform next to the start. However, these aren’t checkpoints, as the timer that begins when starting the gauntlet will be disabled when using one of the teleporters.

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Only Down

Creator: rohji

Island Code: 1854-3531-7184

This island flips the script on the Only Up! formula, as this one has you traveling downward and not upward. Only Down is just as difficult as the other Only Up maps, as even the slightest bit of fall damage will reset your progress to the top of the gauntlet. You’ll need to be careful about how you tackle each platform, as its randomized pieces can spell your victory or your demise.

There are plenty of other Only Up! islands in Fortnite, though these are a few standouts. These islands provide a mix of challenges for the player who wants to give Only Up! a try.

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