Top 10 best Mounts in Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV)

The who’s who of Eorzean rides.

The Twintania mount in FFXIV

When it comes to real wheels, I’m drawing a blank, but ask about the best FFXIV mount, and I’ll deliver an essay. It’s not a cut-and-dry stat thing though, and some Final Fantasy XIV mounts are major hassles for what they are.

In FFXIV, most mounts don’t have any meaningful difference outside of whichever you prefer. Some are cute, some are weird — plenty are obnoxious. However, there are one or two defining traits that may have you considering a new ride priority. A rare few mounts fit an eight-man party in them, while tons are perfect for two. There’s even mounts that go fast(er), kind of.

Anyway, our best FFXIV mounts list uses a combination of criteria, like: Does that ride earn you bragging rights? Or how helpful is it based on player capacity? From the Lanner mounts to Final Fantasy VII’s classic motorcycle to Cerberus, here are our picks.

FFXIV’s Skyslipper, aka The Shoe

The FFXIV Skyslipper Mount
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No, I’m not joking, and yes, this is a personal favorite. The FFXIV Skyslipper mount wins in both the what-on-earth factor and functionality. Grab this mount by defeating Titan in the Shadowbringers raid Eden’s Gate: Sepulture (Savage); it’s old content now, so it should be easier to enter unsynced.

It’s neat in the way new players stop and stare, unsure of what to make of it. Also, it’s helpful! The Skyslipper seats four people, including you — that is, if you can find three others willing to sit in it.

Blackjack, like the airship

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The Blackjack mount lands here mostly out of the nostalgia factor. As an ode to Final Fantasy VI, it’s kind of hard to resist any wink and nod to the classic. However, the airship will definitely cost you, it’s 4,000,000 MPG; that’s the Gold Saucer currency.

For the grind, it’s not too spectacular-looking. The Blackjack comes with no fancy particle effects or musical tributes, but you will get another four-set mount to add to the fleet.

Final Fantasy VII’s SDS Fenrir 

Perhaps it's not the best FFXIV mount, but the motorcycle comes close.
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Whether you’re sick of it or delighted by it, Final Fantasy VII still permeates everywhere through the series, and that includes making it on my list of best FFXIV mounts. As you explore Eorzea and beyond, you may notice zones have upgradeable travel features unlocked through mount speed maps. The motorcycle mount comes with one of these unlocked, and that’s why most players prefer it for quickly running through new expansion zones.

If you’ve got the extra real-world cash, the SDS Fenrir comes from the FFXIV Online Store. Occasionally, it’s among the goodies that go on sale, but at full price, the motorcycle is $29.99 USD.

Ehll Tou and her little hammer

Ehll Tou is a reward for FFXIV Custom Deliveries
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If you’re familiar with some of my other ramblings, then you know I do love the realm’s dragons. This includes the incredibly adorable Ehll Tou, who you’ll meet in Ishgard’s Firmament. After fulfilling weeks of her Custom Delivery quests and raising her satisfaction, Ehll Tou joins you in mount form. It’s a neat little way to level crafting or gathering classes, plus learn a little more dragon lore.

The quests aren’t hard, and it’s not a mount you see tons of flying about. They just require a little dedication and a lot of love for FFXIV’s cutest companion.

FFXIV’s Nier mount, Pod 602

The Pod 602 FFXIV mount
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It’s Pod, that feels like reason enough. For Nier fans, Pod 602 is a delightful tribute to Yoko Taro’s Automata masterpiece, complete with music and all. Plus, the animation is pretty cool; it’s not something you see with most FFXIV mounts.

Grind out 300,000 MGP in the Gold Saucer, and the Pod 602 Identification Key is yours.

The Chi Fate’s Level Checker

The Level Checker mount in FFXIV
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If you’ve made it to the Endwalker expansion and ventured into Ultima Thule, then perhaps you’ve witnessed the masses shouting, “Chi’s up!!” in the zone. That’s because, well, Chi is up. Omicron Recall: Killing Order is the boss’ extra-difficult Fate spawning on a limited, unseen timer.

Defeat Chi in its Level 90 encounter to earn the special Fate currency, Chi Bolts. Completing the fight with full credit, gold status, earns you six bolts, and it’ll cost 12 Chi Bolts to pick up Level Checker. Speak to Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han with tokens in hand, then enjoy your weird little Omega-like guy.

From the bayous, the FFXIV Island Alligator

The Island Alligator mount in FFXIV
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FFXIV keeps going all-in on the slice-of-life style content, and what better reward than a ‘gator? Perhaps it’s the weird southern part of me, but this chunky guy is another favorite not many traverse the MMO on.

The Island Alligator Horn is one of several mount rewards from Island Sanctuary, available for 35,000 Seafairer’s Cowries. It’s pricey, but you’ll likely get there grinding to Island Level 10 for the shop’s reward access, anyway.

Suzaku’s firey Euphonious Kamuy

The Euphonious Kamuy Fife
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There’s a whole collection of wolf mounts you may want to grind in pursuit of the Kamuy of the Nine Tails, but this one is a personal favorite. The Euphonious Kamuy Fife drops from Suzaku Extreme, a Stormblood trial. The Kamuy all look great, but the bold, firey reds on this one make it a cut above. My favorite is either this or the Blissful Kamuy, which favors Okami’s Amaterasu.

True Blue: The Morbol mount

The FFXIV survey asks your favorite mount
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Hope you enjoy a good grind because this one’s gonna take a lot of practice. The FFXIV Morbol mount comes from the True Blue achievement. You’ll need to complete the last fight in all six Bahamut and Alexander raid tiers with an eight-man Blue Mage group. The content must be done with no Echo buff, too.

I completed this one before Endwalker’s Blue Mage update, so perhaps it’s easier now. Regardless, the Morbol is pretty dang neat, and it comes with a Bad Breath animation. It’s only kind of annoying when you spam it, but you’ve earned it.

The Best FFXIV Mount, Cerberus

The FFXIV Cerberus mount from the Shadowbringers Relic quest
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The Cerberus Horn won’t fit you and several friends, but it will earn some serious bragging rights and certainly deserves the best FFXIV mount title. Cerberus is a reward for clearing Delubrum Reginae (Savage), and that’s a whole ordeal in itself. You may remember the three-headed beast from World of Darkness, but now he’s practically pocket-sized — or, the Lalafell version is, at least.

Delubrum Reginae is part of the Shadowbringers Relic Weapon questline, and if you’re keen on getting the puppy, hunt down one of the community Discord servers. They’re the best way to coordinate for a clear, and while it may take you a while, this boy certainly seems worth it. Just look at’em.

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