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Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 mods: Extreme Running, Higher Drops, No Vocation & more

And you don't even have to pay for them!

For all its inventiveness, gameplay, and sheer wackiness, Dragon’s Dogma 2 currently has a few skeletons in the closet, with the situation being so bad that the game’s review score fell off a sheer cliff once it hit Steam. Modders, however, have already attended to some of the game’s issues!

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Indeed, regardless of whether Dragon’s Dogma 2 ever ends up resolving its problems, the PC modding community has already jumped at the opportunity to customize the game further. We’ve singled out some of the very best early Dragon’s Dogma 2 mods available right now, ranging from item upgrades to full-blown character save management tools, which should massively improve your playing experience no matter what.

Top 10 best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Mods

All “review-bombing” aside for a bit, there’s a quality ARPG underneath all the kerfluffle in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It plays like a strange hybrid of Monster Hunter and Elden Ring, which is weird to say about a game whose direct predecessor played in much the same way.

The majority of the mods featured below are either installed via the Fluffy Mod Manager or via drop-in methods, which is pretty easy to do. One obvious caveat, though, is that you’ll want to stick to offline mode for some of these mods—just to be safe.

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#10: Extreme Running

A simple one to kick things off with. Is stamina a concern, broadly speaking? The odds are good that it is, given how little of it an early-game Dragon’s Dogma 2 character has. Odds are good that you can’t even sprint very far, to begin with, and to say nothing of attempting to actually climb a Cyclops or something. J3DOON’s Extreme Running mod simply tweaks the Ring of Tenacity’s stamina buff to a more desirable value, from the mere +90 to 500 / 1,000 / 2,000, depending on what you want. Is it a bit of a cheat? Sure. Is it extremely useful? Sure.

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#9: No Stamina Consumed (in Select Instances)

LordGregory felt that Dragon’s Dogma 2 deserved a more holistic revamp of its stamina/activity system, and that’s precisely what the No Stamina Consumed mod delivers. Whereas Extreme Running lets you massively overcharge your character’s stamina bar by equipping a ring, this mod disables the stamina cost of certain activities, as well as either reducing or increasing your overall stamina levels.

#8: Dragon’s Dogma 2 DLSS3 Enabler (01)

As you may or may not know, Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s current official implementation of DLSS is only halfway there, as it lacks the frame generation component that could side-step its CPU bottleneck. Enter Puredark’s unofficial Deep Learning Frame Generation implementation, which does precisely what it says on the tin. Obviously, this is only going to work for RTX 4000 owners, but it’s a huge boon for the game’s faulty performance, in our experience.

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#7: Better UI – Colorful Map Icons

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a powerful and handy overworld map you can peruse whenever needed, but the map icons that pop up on it barely even register unless you’re really looking for them. That’s because they’re yellowed out by default, and Caites’ Colorful Map Icons mod massively improves their usefulness quickly and easily. Better yet, Caites has an entire suite of comprehensive UI revamp mods that improve Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s HUD and interface, and we recommend all of them.

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#6: Higher Drop Rate or Number

Annoyed with the relative scarcity of certain enemy item drops and the sheer number of them you might need to upgrade your gear? Enter the Higher Drop Rate or Number mod by xyzklj1, who promises that with their mod, “enemy never drops air now.” Useful! There are two versions of this mod, too: one simply makes every enemy drop an item, while the other also doubles the amount of drops you get. Twice as useful!

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#5: Better Beetles

Reubensandvich’s Better Beetles mod is one of the better-balanced mods for Dragon’s Dogma 2. Unless you decide to supercharge your Golden Beetles while you’re at it, that is. Specifically, Better Beetles tweaks the tasty golden bugs to bump up your character’s carry capacity from a mere 0.15 KG bonus to a far handier 1.05 KG bonus. Alternatively, you could also make that a 12.15 or 105 KG bump whenever you snack on one of these bad boys, but we’re happy with the baseline version of the mod. Note, though, that Reubensandvich recommends only using this mod while playing offline – just in case it flags your account for some reason.

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#4: Do Not Be Afraid of Excess Weight

If you’re not happy with simply being able to eat bugs to lug more stuff around, J3DOON’s Do Not Be Afraid of Excess Weight mod is the right choice for you. As was the case with J3DOON’s Extreme Running mod, this one upgrades the Ring of Accrual from adding 5 KG to your carry weight to 20 / 50 / 500 KG. Make of that what you will!

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#3: Field of View Increase

If you’re on PC, odds are you’ve noticed that Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a strangely low field of vision by default. This is particularly noticeable if you play on an ultrawide or – goodness – super-ultrawide display, where Capcom’s decision to disallow FOV tweaks is particularly egregious. LuizCaza’s Field of View Increase mod is here to help, though. The current version of the mod is locked at 90 degrees, though LuizCaza promises alternatives and reliability upgrades down the line. Even in its current state, though, this mod is a bit of a must-have in our book.

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#2: Dragon’s Dogma 2 Save Manager for Multiple Characters

So, Capcom felt that there was no need to include multiple character slots, a dedicated ‘New Game’ option, and the ability to switch between multiple saves on the fly in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The modding community disagrees, with modder Llama delivering the much-needed fix. This custom-built tool allows you to:

  • start a new game without losing progress on your current character
  • create an unlimited number of custom characters
  • switch between your unlimited number of custom characters
  • access an unlimited number of saves across all of your characters
  • roll back to a prior save game
  • back up your saves (just in case)

This is an extremely powerful toolkit that some players are sure to find downright invaluable. And, if we’re being honest, it’s unlikely Capcom is ever going to provide us with such a comprehensive set of save game and character options to begin with.

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#1: No Job Requirements

Depending on your inclinations, this mod is either going to be a total bastardization of the core gameplay and progression loop of Dragon’s Dogma 2 or a much-needed shedding of Capcom’s unnecessary Vocation limitations. LordGregory’s No Job Requirements does away with any and all Vocation-based gear lockouts, allowing you to equip any set of armor and wield any weapon type no matter your character’s current Vocation. You can, of course, choose between multiple versions of the mod depending on what you’re trying to achieve, but that’s the gist of it.

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