Best deal on an Xbox ever: buy it broken!

Ok, I’m sure you’ve read the Craigslist ad above, so let me highlight the part of it that I’d like you to reread a few times”

“This Xbox is in fine condition except that it will not turn on…”

Man, seriously. How can you not be giggling on the floor over an opening sentence like that? But then it gets BETTER:

” I also think someone may have ALMOST ran it over with a car.”

First of all, that’s not a proper sentence, but also, WHAT? You’re trying to sell me something that doesn’t work and has possibly been run over by a car? That’s like saying you kind of killed someone. You either ran it over with a car or you didn’t.

Obviously this is not news and it’s more likely a fake ads for laughs anyway (I hope), but it got my day off to a great start. There’s nothing better than laughing at other people’s infinite stupidity.

[Via Kotaku

Colette Bennett