Best Buy slashes PS3 game prices, riot ensues

Man. Remember when people actually cared that much about the PS3? Those were the days. Although when I interviewed several campers on launch night, most of them were planning to turn around and sell it, and one girl who had camped out in line for 5 whole days didn’t even want any games for it. She just wanted it because it was “the new thing.” *sigh* I would make a sheep noise, but I’m afraid Workman will come running toward my cubicle with his pants around his ankles.
Anyway, as a result of the PS3’s lackluster sales in the US, Best Buy has begun reducing games for the console to a Dynasty Warriors-worthy price range of $39.99 . Titles in this offer include Virtua Fighter 5 and Tony Hawks Project 8, making them now 20 and 10 dollars cheaper than their MSRP, respectively. Honestly, they may want to consider slashing the price of the console before expecting there to be anyone to buy the games.
Hit the jump for more completely unrelated riot footage.

[Special thanks to DJ Jazzy Joe Burling for the tip, and for spitting hot fire like no other!]

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