Best Buy probably just leaked Joker’s new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate look and amiibo pose

I’m down with it

[Update: A higher-res version of the Joker image has surfaced on Nintendo’s Smash Ultimate website.]

An official render of Persona 5's Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It’s still weird to me to see Persona‘s Joker, with his slicing tool in hand, ready to rip apart wholesome characters like Pikachu in Super Smash Bros.: but then again, Snake (who’s a part of a series where NSFW things like this happen all the time, as well as Bayonetta) is also part of the party.

Either way this bladed look is likely how Joker is going to enter the Smash Ultimate arena, based on a leak from Best Buy’s own weekly ad. The image here has never been seen before and looks curiously like an amiibo pose. Up until now, all we’ve gotten in terms of Joker DLC news is a vague non-gameplay teaser and no amiibo pre-order information.

The Fighters Pass still maintains that Joker (the first “real” seasonal character as Piranha Plant is separate from the pass) is still arriving in April. When he does, he’ll come with a new stage and “additional music tracks.” Joker is a huge get and will set the tempo for future Smash DLC, so I hope he enters with the same flourish that Persona 5 effortlessly exhumed.

Weekly Ad [Best Buy]

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