Best Buy holds Wii for Women event this Sunday

While the small percentage of female gamers out there are constantly bombarded with undermining crap, there are some female-specific things about gaming that seem more or less free of gender judgement. Or maybe Best Buy just wants chicks gaming in their stores to attract men’s attention. Either way, they are sponsoring an event in their stores this Sunday called Wii for Women, which is from 1 to 4 pm and will feature giveaways like a Garmin GPS unit, spa gift cards and a Wii console (of course.)

I’d be curious to see what kind of turnout this event gets. It’s probably too good to be true, but in my mind I fantasize the girl that normally isn’t into games stumbling into this event and accidentally having fun. Maybe it’ll be more like 40 year old women having fun (for the first time  in a decade) or angsty teenagers hogging up all the free Wii time, but either way if even a single woman who isn’t normally into games stops there and finds something new she didn’t realize she loved, that thought makes me kinda happy.

By the way, there’s no disclaimer that men can’t play, and as I can’t see Nintendo or Best Buy shpping customers away, it’s likely you can go check it out even if you don’t have a pair of funbags. Yep, I called them that, and you can cringe all you like. I have a sense of humor about all this chick stuff.

[Via Wired – Thanks Justin]

Colette Bennett