Best Buy: Final Fantasy VII out for PS3 next Saturday

The Final Fantasy VII PlayStation 3 revision was the best-kept secret in the videogames industry, until Best Buy let the cat out of the bag. Recently, a Best Buy employee sent a photo to PSU showing an in-store advertisement for Final Fantasy VII and its August 16 release date. Square Enix tried to hit the panic button and silence us, but we considered the reader our top priority on this important find.

The real question for consumers come the 16th is if they will have the cash needed to buy Final Fantasy VII after purchasing Hannah Montana: Spotlight next Tuesday. For most, it will be a tough decision. Unfortunately, I believe I will have to pass on peering into the Highwind home and watching as the fateful tea scene unfolds again.

In all reality, this looks to be either a great Photoshop, or a sign that major retailers will always find a way to try to crush our spirits. Of course, like most fans, I’m always excited whenever FFVII gets a mention. Even though Best Buy is terribly wrong, we still have that XBLA and PSN remake rumor to chew on while we continue to wait.

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