Best boxart ever: My Weight Loss Coach DS

Of course, it’s human nature to click a link entitled “stupidest f*cking box art ever”, but since everyone’s opinion differs, who can say if I would agree? I wasn’t disappointed once I got to the source and saw My Weight Loss Coach DS, which has one other feature sure to turn your WTF icon to blink status: its $40 price tag. Considering that only Final Fantasy titles usually sport that price and that My Weight Loss Coach features stick figures that teach you how to lose weight, somehow the difference seems significant and a little laughable. I’m just saying.

At any rate, the game comes packaged with a pedometer and looks to be aimed at the same type of consumers that are buying Wii Fit. I’m not going to straight-out judge anything that is intended to aid people with keeping healthy, but that box art hurts my face. If you want to see more screens, head over to DS Fanboy’s gallery and peep (warning: your face may hurt too after looking at thirty some-odd screens of stick figures.)

[Thanks, Gynecologist Cobra!]

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