Berserk Warriors is getting a playable Schierke and Serpico

No, not that Serpico

It’s nice to finally move out of the Golden Age era of Berserk.

Oh, it’s wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve experienced it for the past 20 years or so and would love for the series to move forward beyond the manga. And with the brand new anime series that just debuted in Japan this month that features the Black Swordsman arc, as well as the Berserk Musou game, we’re in business.

According to Famitsu, Serpico and Schierke (a swordsman and “witch in training” respectively) will join the playable cast, in addition to Guts, Griffith, Judeau, and Casca. This game is sounding better all the time! I know a few of you were pining for Serpico in the comments, so your wish has been granted.

As a reminder, Berserk will launch in September in Japan, and in the fall in the west.

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