Beowulf brings the poetic justice and proves that vikings kick your arse

It’s a little known fact that I love anything to do with Norse mythology. They had the best Gods, the best monsters and even inspired the Christian name for Hell itself. Unlike your other pansy religions, Nordic faith involved Gods who were flawed and stories that weren’t just black-and-white. Perhaps knowing this to be true, you can understand my excitement for Beowulf.

I hadn’t even heard of the game, lost in the deluge of must-have winter games as it was, but now that I have, I’m finding myself contemplating which lung I should sell to add yet another title to my wishlist. Based on the ancient poem, Beowulf: The Game puts you in the role of the titular protagonist, a viking warrior who punches giants in the head. I want to punch giants in the head.

This has caught my eye, with its promise of brutal violence and a unique Carnal Fury power that causes Beowulf to lose his grip on reality, unable to tell friend from foe as he goes on a murderous rampage. How can you say no to that?

I’m a sucker for games steeped in ancient mythology, and the Scandinavian flavor just sweetens the deal. With Conan on the horizon, however, Beowulf faces stiff competition in the usually sparse “violent action game based on old literature” category. I really, really hope this turns out to be a good one.

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