Ben Heck teams up with EDimensional to create the one-handed controller

Wish you could still get in your daily quota of masturbation without interrupting your gaming time? No doubt. Modder extraordianaire Ben Heck thinks about your needs, sir. We knew it would only be a matter of time before the gaming industry would notice his insane skills and involve him in an official project, and sure enough, here it is: the Access controller, which you can play one-handed.

Ben teamed up with eDimensional for this project, which features everything you would find on a basic controller and also comes equipped with a wrist rest. Each of the modules can be adjusted for comfort and individual hand sizes. The bottom of the controller is concave, so it can be rested on one’s leg or on any normal surface. 

The CEO of eDimensional comments:

We could not be more pleased to team up once again with Ben to make his vision of a readily-available single-handed controller a reality. It has become a mission for our company and a truly rewarding experience that we are fortunate to be a part of.

Pretty cool, right? But brace yourself for the price tag of such coolness: it’s $129.95 and will only support the PC, PS2 and PS3. No Xbox love? It comes out in August, so if you dig the idea you can start saving your pennies now. I personally am old-fashioned and like both my hands on my controller, but you have to admit it opens up the possibility of a whole new level of multitasking while gaming.

[Via The Able Gamer — Thanks, Justin]

Colette Bennett