Bellevue getting a $4 million ‘game room’

Game room? Is that what people want to call arcade nowadays?

Anyway, the $4 million game room called Power Play is opening up this Thursday in Bellevue, Washington. The place will be 18,000 square feet and can fit about 200 people at a time. The place will be open to all ages before 10PM and to ages 21 and up after 10PM.

There will be over 150 arcade games including Sega Outrun 2 Super Deluxe, a big deal as there are only 16 of these in the world. Even better: There will be a “Laser Chamber” room where people will have to run through and avoid breaking the laser beams. Every spy movie has this and you know you’ve always wanted to try your luck at this!

The Seattle Convention Center, where PAX takes place every year, is about a half-hour away from Bellevue. I’m thinking we’re going to be coming to Seattle a few days in advance so we can give this new arcade a proper run through next year.


Hamza Aziz