Belgium police ban urinating game, voiding one’s bladder is serious business

You may remember this game from this past summer, where you play a driving game where you steer by using your pee stream and then the game warns you if you are too drunk to properly operate a motor vehicle? This was clearly too much fun in the eyes of the Belgium police, who recently banned the game as an indecency offense in its recent showing at the GamePower Expo in Gent, Belgium.

I suppose if a gentleman was too absorbed in the game itself and less in the function he came to the restroom for in the first place, he could be waggling his wang about a little longer than people might find comfortable. Multiply that by several men, and you have a whole gang of wagging penises swinging about. Lesson learned: You can have fun with your penis, just not too much in public. Damn police.

[Via Engadget – Thanks Joe!] 

Colette Bennett