Bejeweled Blitz PC demo now available

Last week, PopCap announced that their highly-popular Facebook game, Bejeweled Blitz, would be getting a larger scale, full screen, PC version. They’re prettying it up and selling it exclusively through PopCap’s store for $19.99.

Now, I’ve never played Bejeweled Blitz because I think Facebook isn’t made for games. It’s made for people who you haven’t spoken to for upwards of twenty years to track you down over the internet and ask how life is. It’s for annoying people with endless streams of application requests that go to their e-mail because they never bothered to check the little box to prevent it. And it’s about blocking your parents because you don’t want them to know how drunk you get on the weekends.

If you’re like me, you can still experience Bejeweled Blitz before deciding whether to buy. PopCap has released a demo of the new game which you can download right here. French and German versions of the demo are also available if that’s your primary language or you have misconceptions about Bejeweled‘s ability to make you fluent in a foreign one.

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