Behold the power of adjectives in Super Scribblenauts

This is a delightful trailer for Super Scribblenauts which has come out of gamescom. The focus of the trailer is on what’s arguably the biggest innovation this game has over the original Scribblenauts: the addition of adjectives. I say “arguably” because some might consider the implementation of directional-pad controls to be more innovative, as they make the game playable

I had a chance to play around with Super Scribblenauts at E3 and it’s amazing. I know, we all said that last year when we were talking about Scribblenauts. But I really mean it this time. Honest, you will want to do more than play with the title screen (I still feel that was worth the price of admission) and you will actually be able to do it without being Job.

Conrad Zimmerman