Behold the awesome might of F-FORCE!

I have, in this very post, the stuff of legend. It is, without doubt, the greatest trailer for a videogame which has ever been seen on this or any website1.

Which is probably necessary, since the game that it’s for is based on the upcoming Disney animated feature, G-Force. I mean, sure, the movie looks to be a fun, family adventure but I can’t say that I have a lot of confidence that the game will measure up in the same way. Nevertheless, I feel oddly compelled to try it after watching this.

Seriously, click past the jump and witness heavenly glory unlike anything you have ever seen before.

 1 This superlative statement is complete hyperbole. Still, the trailer is pretty funny.

[UPDATE: Realizing that there will clearly be a staggering demand for it, I have taken the liberty of adding an F-FORCE image suitable for use as wallpaper on your fine computer systems to this post. It’s in the gallery below. You’re welcome.]

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