Behind the scenes of Deadly Creatures with Dennis Hopper

Yesterday, we heard that the upcoming Wii title from THQ, Deadly Creatures, was going to feature some Hollywood heavyweights amongst its voice talent. We now have a promotional video featuring one of these actors, Dennis Hopper. Watch as a subdued Dennis gives a little bit of info on his character and a taste of his voice work in the game.

Voice work, particularly when stars are involved, is a tricky thing. I get frustrated sometimes when film and television actors are cast in these roles because there’s a host of dedicated voice actors who make their careers out of their ability to bend their voice to suit a wide variety of different characters. There is an art to conveying emotion without the assistance of your body, and these people are trained in it. So when they use a known name (one not known specifically for voice work, that is), I always feel like that person is only there to shill the game. Rarely do I find that I’ve been proven wrong.

It could just be that I’m bitter that we’re not getting the Dennis Hopper I love, though. It’s not the Dennis Hopper who was obviously coked out of his mind during the shooting of Apocalypse Now. It isn’t the rebellious Hopper of Easy Rider. And it’s a far cry from the lunatic of Blue Velvet. This is grown-up, boring Hopper — and it makes me sad.

Conrad Zimmerman