Behind the scenes of Deadly Creatures with Billy Bob Thornton

I’ve never been a huge fan of Billy Bob Thornton, certainly not as much as Dennis Hopper, but he’s a competent actor. And he managed to bed Angelina Jolie, which would award just about anybody the status associated with being a folk hero. Hell, that alone should mean he can be in any videogame he damn well chooses, as far as I’m concerned.

Lo and behold, here he is talking a (very) little bit about Deadly Creatures, a THQ title for the Wii that releases next month. Hopper appears in the video as well, singing the praises of Billy Bob’s acting chops. And there are a couple of members of the THQ team talking about what a thrill it is to pay too much for celebrities to voice characters have such talent working on the project.

I’m posting this to ask the question, “Does anyone actually care that celebrities are the voices of characters in their games?” Unless it’s a licensed game or in some other way features characters who have been portrayed by specific actors in the past, I really could not give two of something I care very little about. I probably would not even give one. What say you, Destructoid?

Conrad Zimmerman