Before Conker’s Bad Fur Day, there was Twelve Tales

Rare reminisces about the N64 days

Rare has shared another behind-the-scenes video about Conker and this one sure brings me back.

Conker’s Quest, as it was originally called before undergoing a name change to Twelve Tales: Conker 64, debuted at E3 in 1997. It was a lighthearted platforming adventure in which the squirrel explored different lands like a prehistoric jungle, gladiatorial arena, and cowboy frontier.

“From the start, the game was designed and built on the idea of an interactive cartoon,” said animator Louise O’Connor. “A lot of work went into giving the characters really expressive faces, with Conker and Berri visibly reacting to the situations they found themselves in.”

Ultimately, the team shifted the game’s direction “to compete with the growing number of 3D platformers that were emerging on the market, not least of which was Banjo-Kazooie.”

The result? Bad Fur Day.

Oh my god, those shades!

Jordan Devore
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