Beer, battle, chips: Square Enix remix albums detailed

We noted a few months ago that Square Enix was busily working on several new offerings in their SQ remix album series. We now have more information, as Beer SQ, Battle SQ, and SQ Chips2 have all been announced for release this coming July. Beer SQ and Battle SQ, both with July 4 release dates, will be available in both standard and limited editions, with the latter sporting two discs for only a few dollars more, while SQ Chips2 will hit on July 25 and will come as a single-disc standard release only.

Websites have been launched for each album with a streaming sample, and while I’m tired of hearing remixes of Gilgamesh’s theme from Final Fantasy V, the SQ Chips2 remix is sounding mighty fine. The samples from Beer SQ and Battle SQ both come from the SaGa series, with a Celtic influence for the former and a heavy metal one for the latter. Beer SQ, Battle SQ, and SQ Chips2 are all available for pre-order, and they come at the fair price of 2,000 Yen ($25) or less.

Which of the three albums are you most looking forward to? SQ Chips was easily one of my favorite albums of 2011, so I’m excited for more, but the Celtic stylings of the Beer SQ sample are right down my alley.

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