Bedtime Bedlam: A Mario Children’s Book

[goodgamer77 brings us his awesome illustrated version of a Mario story. He says it’s a children’s book, but I’ve never seen a kid’s book with this much blood… — JRo]

As a father of spastic two-year old son, I am saddened by the state of children’s books available. The only passable books I found at Barnes and Noble were books that were made shortly after The Great War. While I appreciate a classic Cat in the Hat or Winnie the Pooh tale, I wanted to weave a yarn more relevant to our times. The project began to stray a bit, but it ends with a good moral. If it is hard to read, go through the gallery at the bottom, it is a little bigger there.

Without further boring text, hit the jump to see my new children’s book. Enjoy.

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