Become the Overlord, win the Overlord: Five PC copies to give away

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When David and I went to preview Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Clive Barker’s Jericho at a special Codemasters event, I offered the company’s very own David Brickley and his associates oral love behind the back of the Churchill Museum for the ruthless masterpiece that was Overlord. So touched were the Codemasters fellows at my shameless token of appreciation, they promised to secure me five copies of Overlord on PC to give away to you lucky readers in one of our famous Destructoid contests.

Overlord is a game about taking any steps necessary to conquer a fantasy realm and rule with an iron fist. The game was promoted by a rundown of its own Ten Commandments, rules for the Overlord’s grotesquely cute minions to live by. In that same megalomaniacal spirit, I want to know this — if you took charge of this world, crowned the Overlord for all time, what would your Ten Commandments be? What I want is a list of ten rules for your new world order, were you ruler of this earth. You can make them as cruel/satirical/funny as you like, but I want ten of them, and the best five will each receive not only a PC copy of the hit game, but perhaps a few extra special treasures as well. 

Please send your Ten Commandments to [email protected] and I shall, with the help of some conscripted minions, judge the best set of rules so Codemasters can send you your prizes. The contest will run for a week from today, so make sure I have entries in before next Friday. For the master! 

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