Become the Dovahkiin with Skyrim: Special Edition Dragonborn bundle

Fus ro duh!

Those who are picking up Skyrim: Special Edition this fall may be interested in a collector’s edition coming to Best Buy. Exclusive to the store, $75 nets you the game in a steelbook case along with a Dovahkiin mask.

The bundle will be available for PS4 and Xbox One and is currently up for pre-order from Best Buy’s official website. For an additional $15 over the base game, I honestly don’t think this is a bad deal. I don’t like Skyrim in the slightest, but you could do worse than $75 for a cool case and funny mask.

There was no confirmation on whether or not this would hit PC, but you can get a much better compilation of games that will include the free “remaster” upgrade on PC. I guess you’ll have to forge your own mask and yell ancient dragon spells at people.

Skyrim: Special Edition [Best Buy]

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